SONOS Problems

Hi All,

I have a 5-speaker SONOS system, and I am having some troubles.

  1. Speakers don’t always work after I connect them. They will stop responding to the controls.

  2. They will “shift IDs”. That is, if one day the LR speaker is controller correctly, the next day when I click “Play” a different speaker will respond.

  3. I have a smart app that broadcasts the weather, it always plays to the LR speaker when triggered, which is good. Once in a while if I have LR + another grouped, it will either:

a) pause the music on all speakers and play only in the LR, and the music will not restart.
b) Pause the music, play the weather on all the speakers, then restart the music
c) Pause the music ONLY in the LR and broadcast weather while the others continue, then NOT restart the music in the LR.

I can’t figure out what’s happening there.

  1. I currently have that smart app installed, and when I edit it, it says it’s playing to the LR. But if I add a new smart app to do something else and target the LR, it plays in the kitchen. So some ID is not syncing, but I don’t know what.

  2. Can I specify a spotify playlist? They come up in the list on the selection in the smart apps, but when triggered it plays the next item in that list, even though I didn’t select it (And that item might be a spotify playlist). Pandora stations seem to work though.

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For SmartThings to work consistently with Sonos you need to ensure the Sonos zone players / speakers remain on the same IP address. To do this you need to configure your DHCP provider (which is typically your router) to reserve IP addresses for each one. Details on how to do this vary for different routers, but look to your router for the “DHCP reservation” feature.

Once your Sonos devices are on stable, fixed IP addresses, if you have any which are not functioning correctly with SmartThings you will probably need to remove them and then re-add them to SmartThings so that SmartThings re-learns their correct (new) address.


I have the same setup that you described and works most of the times unless you take very quick actions which involves notification on your Sonos. I guess it will happen as it is cloud based.