Sonos Group

Was wondering if anybody had written a SmartApp to handle room grouping with Sonos. I want to be able to trigger grouping and un-grouping when triggering certain Hello, Home actions. For example, when I put my daughter down to sleep, I want to ungroup her sonos from the rest of the house and play white noise on it. Then when I trigger Good Morning, I want it to re-group with the house. If nobody has built something like that, would anybody else be interested in helping me build it? I’ve never written a SmartApp, but I’m a software developer, so I might just need a few pointers.


Great idea!!!
I will be very interested by such solution also.

Can anyone help?

I’ve been looking into this but have not found a solution. I tried creating an app that would play the same radio station on multiple Sonos speakers at the same time individually, but since they were not grouped the audio was out of sync. Any one have any ideas?

Just got some Sonos speakers and was disappointed to find that this appears to be a limitation since I wanted to play a group of speakers on a certain event. Any solutions out there?

I modified the Sonos Mood Music app to play the same radio station on multiple selected Sonos speakers. It works if your zones are far enough that you cant hear the out-of-sync music (up to 5 seconds difference). Since I have zones right next to each other it doesn’t work for me. I don’t listen to my sonos system nearly as much as I would if I had this working.

hmm, so i can’t select multiple speakers with mood music app? that seems crappy… any idea why that is? i have a few speakers and would like music to come out of all of them at the same time from the mood music app.

Hi. I’ve found a way to group Sonos devices. If you set the following uri to play then the device will group with the Sonos device who’s ‘device network id’ is used:


Where the X-es should be replaced by the device network id. This id can be found by opening the IDE.

Haven’t found a way to ungroup yet though.

I’ve created a virtual push button, using Core to set the uri.

A smartapp would be better…