Sonos Not Responding

(Ronny Carr) #1

The Sonos connect was working great after the update and addition of new apps, now it seems it’s stopped. Some events fire but nothing ever plays. If I try to run one of the apps manually via the play button SmartThings breaks down and stops communicating with both Sonos and TCP bulbs. I have to restart the hub to get things back.

I also noticed that you can’t have a Spotify playlist queued to play. I can’t recall if Pandora stations work or not, as it doesn’t work at all now.

(Greg) #2

My sonos has been working very reliably lately actually. The only issues that remain I believe are just issues in the way the app is written.

  1. Pandora will restart the same station but not the song that was playing - I think this is because it is issuing a stop command instead of a pause.
  2. The queue will restart but not where it was, it will restart the entire queue.
  3. If you changed volume for an alert the music will resume at the alert volume instead of reverting to the original volume.

(Ronny Carr) #3

My Sonos just keeps playing the same pandora/spotify station/playlist. It just gets stuck on whatever I played last using the Sonos controller.