Sonos playing on it's own/Lights turning on randomly and more

So, long story short…i had an absolute NIGHTMARE with ST when i first received it, it took over 2 weeks to get mine up and running. Thankfully Tom from support was helpful throughout otherwise i would’ve sent it back.

So i get it up and running and i’m really enjoying returning home from work to have my lights on and heating on etc.

Sonos problem
Last night i decided that now the Christmas tree is up i’d link it so when i arrive home my sonos starts playing a track. I fiddled around with it and decided to leave it for now, last night at 1:30am my sonos decided to play a christmas track??

random lights coming on
I’ve also got some lightify bulbs and they at times randomly come on during the day when i’m at work. I’ve read that an update to them may solve that issue so i don’t particularly mind, but it seems strange that i played with sonos yesterday and then it comes on during the night??

bedroom schedule not working
I’ve also got an issue with my bedroom lamp not going off during the night, i’ve set it to turn off at 00:25 yet i wake up during the night to find it’s still on.

Any help would be appreciated

The SmartThings-Sonos non-integration is very erratic and I have personally discontinued using it for this random on/off situations and announcements.

According to SmartThings Development, the company will not commit to fixing this integration until Sonos delivers their new API for control of their systems :rage:. I would not hold my breath on this integration being delivered in anytime over the next year, unless someone from SmartThings will commit.

IMHO , as far as having household lights or appliances turning off and on at known/static times, there is nothing more dependable than a $5 power timer from Lowes/Home Depot. SmartThings has been known to encounter random false positives/negatives while they try to stabilize the recent outages on their server side cloud platform which controls most all devices.

I know this response may seem unhelpful to you at this point, but I sincerely do not have a better one when one cannot count on basic operations from our investment in Home Automations.

The lightify issue is quite a common one (my lights did the same thing) the best thing I can advise is buying the gateway to go alongside your bulbs and upgrade the firmware.

Since I’ve upgraded each of my bulbs, there has only been one occasion so far when a light has come on unannounced (last night funnily enough!).

Thanks for the reply. That’s interesting to know, i may delete my sonos from it for the time being. I suppose the fact that i can’t do much apart from the basics, i still end up using the sonos app anyway to search for songs etc.

ironically last night nothing triggered during the night! Typical!

Great, i thought that might be the solution. I think i’ll purchase one and upgrade the firmware! Thanks!

It does make it better, although the same bulb came on at 1am this morning. So if you do upgrade the firmware - it might be worth creating a rule which turns off the bulbs if they come on between the hours of 12am - 6am?

Ha… I can see it now, a flashing bedroom in the night, like lightening…