Sonos Play 1 set-up to alert me when a door is open

I set-up a sonos play 1 to alert me when a door opens. I have a little 3 year old that likes to escape and is a tad crazy. Here’s a little video to see it in action. The alert time does vary from 2 seconds to 12 seconds. usually around 4ish. I do have one issue that I can’t solve. When I am playing music and someone goes out the door the music stops and does not restart. I have the “resume currently playing music after notification” set to on. Any ideas?

This has been reported a few times; I dug up an older thread a few days ago. I also have a Sonos 1 and would love to integrate it in similar ways, but the resume bug kills the deal. Once the Sonos plays a custom message, it’s essentially done until you log in via the Sonos app, clear the queue, and re-start things. I’ve tried a few variations on the existing Smartapps, and this bug affects every one. Would love to know if anyone has worked around this.

Does anyone know or point me in the direction on how to get to any logging? I would like to investigate and see if it throwing an error anywhere.


You can turn on logging through the IDE.

I am in the same boat. I assumed/trusted that Sonos was the leader in this technology, so I purchased over $1,500.00 in speakers (3x Play 1, 1x sound bar, 2x Play 3s) and music works great, but the minute any notification plays through it, the playlist is dead. I can’t even use Sonos Mood Music to start the next song.

Hey ST’s,

Any idea on this?