Sonos alerts sometimes trigger wrong resume state

I have a SmartThings v2 home security kit. I’ve set door open detectors to play a tone on my Sonos devices in various parts of my home (Play 3, sound bar with play1 surrounds, and two Sonos Ones). Tones play appropriately in all of the places I expect them to. The automations are set to resume playing the previous audio after the door chime sounds.

However on the Sonos One on one floor and the Sonos One grouped with the Play3 on another floor when nothing is actively playing on them, sometimes after the tone plays the automation will trigger the sonos to start the last thing we had playing. This happens maybe 1 time in 10. It does not happen on the sound bar as far as I can tell so it makes me think it’s a race condition specific to the Sonos Ones.

This basically means that sometimes we’ll come home to find that music has been playing all day which is annoying.

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas on how to fix it or at least gather enough info for whoever I should be filing a bug report with?


Ever find a solution to this?

Sadly I have not. I still suspect it to be a race condition on the Sonos side with the resume play logic getting confused about whether something was playing. But I’ve found nothing in the activity logs that would point a finger at the cause.

It would appear that a recent Sonos update has addressed this. Since either 10.2 or 10.3 I no longer experience this behavior.