[OBSOLETE] Sonos Door Knocker

A while ago i created a Sonos Door Knocker app as i could not find one to do what i wanted, this does reduce false positives by not sounding if the door is opened in a configurable number of seconds

i just thought i would share as i have just created a github site as i cant be bothered waiting for Smarthings to be integrated to github in the UK.

consider this beta, but it does work well for me. with the exception of the SONOS text to speech, which issues are well documented, if the app comes up with Unknown Error when saving the command with speech, it is because the TTS engine has not accepted the speech string, so change what it says.


Sonos Door Knocker App


Scrub that it seems today that ST have replaced thier TTS engine, so this app works great now. I am trying to replace this with rules machine but it seems so very very convoluted so far needing a virtual switch, so may keep this running now TTS has been fixed

Updated your app to support multiple Sonos Speakers! Also allow for “instant” notification when a delay of 0 is specified.


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@Fuzzyligic @RobertSheaO1 Guys this sounds just like what I’m after. Can it or it play a sound through sonos rather than text? Like a knock or a bell sound. If not would it be hard to add? Cheers Adam

Yes, I’ve written the code to take a MP3 URL, so you’ll just need to host it somewhere, like S3.

I’ll post the updated code here tomorrow when I wake up.