Alarm did not trigger Sonos Alarm

Hi, last night I had a trigger on a motion sensor.
Camera recorded, sms and push worked, but the Sonos speakers did not make any noise.
The log shows nothing on the Sonos speakers at the time. Anyone seen this?
Could it be a grouping Sonos issue?

Whenever I have to reboot my router the Sonos Speakers seem to get new IP addresses (I have tried giving them a reserved IP but it doesn’t seem to work). After that they no longer function in Smartthings. I have to remove and add them in again. Maybe this is your issue?

Able to control them in app, so probably right ip adresses.
Anyone else?
PS will test different things tonight.

Had to set the alarm sound level (under the (+)) option under sound.
Probably after new firmware on sonos or Smartthings.
Never had to do this before.