Sonos Notify with Sound and Security sound Issue

I have been Using SmartThings and Sonos to have a door chime when I open any door. I would like to use the dogs barking or an alarm if an intruder alert is triggered. It will work for motion but not for the doors because the chime overrides it. I can’t use the motion when I am gone because of my roaming dog throughout the house. Is there a way to put a short delay or have the alarm take precedence over the chime in that circumstance? I have been looking but cannot find a suitable workaround.

Are you using SHM? I know you can do this with CoRE, but I don’t use SHM…

Yes, I am using the smart home monitor

I am not familiar, but my guess is that it is what it is. I don’t use SHM for security. I built my own app.

How is ths possible with CoRE, I would like to do the same, Thanks