Chimes and other sounds

I use to have a smart app from rboy called “Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors” that could trigger sounds.
Opening our front door for example triggered a chime-sound on my speakers.
Entering without deactivating the alarm triggered the sound of barking dog.

I miss this feature. Is there any way to get this functionality these days?

All Groovy-based SmartApps were discontinued in Jan 2023. The new architecture requires app developers to host the application themselves. I haven’t seen a replacement for that app.

That being said, there are two options based on what devices you have that okay sounds. If you have Sonos, Bose, or other speakers that integrate directly, you can write Routines to play sound based on an event like a door sensor opening. If you have Echo devices, you can use the Alexa ST skill with ST virtual switches to trigger Alexa to speak.

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Thank you for your answer.

I have Ikea/Sonos and a Samsung soundbar that integrate directly with ST.
Making them speak an announcement is easy but it’s the sound samples that I’m after, for example a chime.

I remember some sounds being available through regular routines in ST aswell but nowadays they seem no where to be found!