Play message on speaker w/ Sonos not working

I had a routine that would play a message “motion at the front door” on my sonos speaker when the front door ring detected motion. That has stopped for a week and I cannot get it to work again. Steps I have taken so far:

  1. deleted and added back the ring doorbell succesfully
  2. deleted and added back the sonos speakers with stock edge driver
  3. deleted and added back the sonos speakers with custom Sonos LAN driver, which allows me to control the sonos speakers right from the smartthings app
  4. recreated the same routine after each step to see if it would work and no luck. When I click "test routine, the green check comes out, but no sound is heard from the speaker(s).

Thank you in advance for any help

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can you post a screenshot of the Routine? I tried creating a new Routine and it worked fine for me - using the community developed Sonos Edge driver.

open the speaker in the ST app, what is the volume set to?

volume is set to 30

I just changed to 60 and no difference

try rebooting (OK… power cycle now) your ST hub and reboot your router

where do we do that now?

ST hub… pull the power cord until ST adds the reboot function to either the mobile or web apps.

many users mention adding a smart plug for the hub that you can remotely manage… such as meross or kasa that you can control with their apps if needed.

did that still nothing. so weird. I tried all 5 sonos speakers, nada

I’m using the stock ST Sonos Edge driver and just tested a Routine and both of my Sonos speakers played the message. I have the Sonos Move and Amp running Sonos OS S2 version 15.5 and the ST Wifi Hub (Plume) running 47.10.

my sonos is S1, but up until a week ago everything was working fine

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Sonos - Older models of Sonos speakers - These devices may not continue to support the playing of audio notifications in the SmartThings app.

If you are using or have tried the community LAN-based Edge driver, I’d report the issue in the topic for that driver. Far more likely to get a fast response than going through ST support.

well that sucks

I’m having the same issue, but I’m all S2. Integrations started getting all buggy, and even when I use my Sonos system at times, it starts playing my SmartThings notifications on loop.

try rebooting your ST hub and router

Same issue here, no solution.

Same issue here. Started a couple weeks ago. I rebooted my Sonos speakers and things worked. Then today it stopped again. Unplug the speakers, etc., works once or twice then stops.