Sonos Notifications - Morgan Freeman edition

A while back I was looking for a change to the robotic voice used for Sonos notifications so I found a guy out on that did Morgan Freeman voice impersonations. These phrases are pretty tailored to my setup, but I thought someone out there might get some use out of a couple of them.

UPDATE - I added some more phrases for a bit more granularity with the responses, and removed the ones that did not pertain to the Morgan Freeman voice impersonation

Morgan Freeman impersonation phrases:

  • Mail has arrived
  • Motion detected
  • Motion in basement
  • Motion in garage
  • Motion in game room
  • Motion in bedroom
  • Motion in living room
  • Motion in theater
  • Motion in wine cellar
  • Motion in kitchen
  • A door opened
  • A door closed
  • Front door opened
  • Front door closed
  • Front door locked
  • Front door unlocked
  • Back door opened
  • Back door closed
  • Back door locked
  • Back door unlocked
  • Basement door opened
  • Basement door closed
  • Basement door locked
  • Basement door unlocked
  • Garage door opened
  • Garage door closed
  • Patio door opened
  • Patio door closed
  • Patio door locked
  • Patio door unlocked
  • Cleaning Supplies Closet Opened
  • Liquor Cabinet Opened
  • Water detected in basement
  • Water detected in kitchen
  • Water detected in garage
  • Smartthings detected a flood
  • Smoke detected in kitchen
  • Smoke detected in garage
  • Smoke detected in basement
  • Smartthings detected carbon monoxide
  • Smartthings detected smoke
  • Someone is arriving
  • Boss is arriving
  • Boyfriend is arriving
  • Coworker is arriving
  • Daughter is arriving
  • Friend is arriving
  • Girlfriend is arriving
  • Roommate is arriving
  • Son is arriving
  • Wife is arriving
  • Welcome Home
  • Good Morning
  • Good Night
  • Vacate the premises
  • Searching for car keys
  • Setting the mood
  • Starting Movie Mode
  • Starting Party Mode
  • Starting Romance Mode
  • Turning off all the lights
  • Turning off the TV
  • Turning off the air conditioner
  • Turning off the bar lights
  • Turning off the chandelier
  • Turning off the family room lights
  • Turning off the hallway lights
  • Turning off the kitchen light
  • Turning off the light
  • Turning off the lights
  • Turning off the mood lights
  • Turning on the TV
  • Turning on the air conditioner
  • Turning on the bar lights
  • Turning on the chandelier
  • Turning on the family room lights
  • Turning on the hallway lights
  • Turning on the kitchen light
  • Turning on the light
  • Turning on the lights
  • Turning on the mood lights
  • Turning on the light
  • Turning on the lights
  • Turning on the mood lights

Just install the following smartapp to get it working

These are currently in my personal S3 bucket so if traffic starts to get close to the limit of the free tier I may have to find somewhere else to host it (maybe ST would be willing to throw it in theirs? :slight_smile: @April)


Are you kidding me? I have got to try this. Great idea!



I think this is fantastic, although I can see the traffic getting out of hand quickly.

Waze does something similar with their GPS app, where they get celebrities (obviously trying to sell something or promote a movie) to redo the voice navigation prompts for their app using their own voice. I think it would be cool to have this sort of personalized setup within ST.

That brings up another point though, and I guess it’s something I’m confused about…

If you can host your own custom commands on your S3 bucket, that means that it should be relatively easy to solve that whole “text to speech” problem that has been discussed at length in other threads, by using your own stuff rather than the built-in ST stuff, or am I not reading this right?

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Have you guys tried this. Works every time for me.


player: Sonos that you choose from the preferences (I have different Sonos for different modes).
msg : Text message you want to play.

In my case, I subscribe to the door (contact open/closed) events and pass msg as “$evt.displayName is $evt.value”

private playNotification(player, msg){
log.trace "Playing $msg on $player"
state.sound = textToSpeech(msg instanceof List ? msg : msg)
player.playTrackAndRestore(state.sound.uri, state.sound.duration, 50)

Sample messages that i get:

Front Door is Open
Front Door is Closed
Back Porch Door is Open
Back Porch Door is Closed

blah… blah…and it irritates the hell out of my missus.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I’ve only ever used my S3 bucket for personal use and the monthly usage has hovered around the 3-4% for Gets. With the free tier for S3 you are allowed 2,000 Puts & 20,000 Gets. I’ve got alerts setup to tell me if I’m getting close to the limits.

Agreed! Some possible options:

  • William Shatner (Captain Kirk)
  • James Earl Jones (Darth Vader)
  • KITT
  • HAL

SmartThings has to have some hook-ups to celebs with their Samsung connection :smile:

I haven’t been following this discussion, so not exactly sure on that issue.

Sam Kinnison or Christopher Walken. Maybe the Gummy Bear of Candicornia.

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geez Morgan Freeman is already in every movie and now he’s moving in?!?

but it’s a really great mod.

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any chance to get this working with UBI?

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I don’t have an Ubi, but I would assume if the Ubi device type had the musicPlayer capability it should work.

The Ubi uses “capability.speechSynthesis”. The Big Talk app has an option to use either Sonos type devices or those like the Ubi.

If you have the dlna server enabled on your ubi you can use this

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How do I enable the DLNA server on the Ubi? Is it just running the Generic Media Renderer and selecting the Rikomagic device, or should I actually see the Ubi in the list. I see the Rikomagic devices, but when select they are greyed out “not connected” in the app.

The rikomagic devices are the ubis. I know they have had trouble in the past. I personally have not used my ubi as a media render device. There was some discussion about it in that thread I linked. Scroll down to the verified devices link in the main topic.

Yep, so this just made my day.

Well done.

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Hi @DarcRanger

Could you delete the device from smartthings and add it again.

Just after you have add it , is the device show it “no connected” again?

If the MediaRenderer Connect can find it and add it, then all information is correct, I have read Ubi use a dlna software from android, some android dlna software creates a new id or port every time the device is turned on or rebooted, the MR device is not recognized again by smarthings if the data has change, Smartthing must to find it every time with the same id and data, I have hardcode some devices to find it again if they change the id data, The normal search start when a MR device change ip or port, the MRC search by unique ID each 3 min and update the info in smartthings, but some software MR change even the unique id in each reboot.

Maybe the ubi is some of them, if you can help me sending the data from your ubi, I can hardcore this device to find the way to update the id data in smarthtings , in that way the device can be updated automatically

You can send me the logs when you add the device, and after the device is added, then delete it from devices, disconect the ubi, and reconect to reboot and try to add it again to and send the logs too, in this way I can see if the ubi is changing the id data every time, and I can find a way to find it automatically

If you have some other dlna media renderer try to disconnect them from network to see in logs just the data from ubi device



I will rerun these steps Friday evening. I will send you what I have so far, but I had internet issues this evening, so I am not sure if I lost some log data.

Also I only see 1 of my 3 Ubi’s showing up. The one that does appear is now listed as Ubi instead of Rikomagic.

Great app. If you ever do an update, I’d love to see a “Husband is arriving”

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Was surprised to see that one wasn’t an option.

I’m also noticing that even when no music is playing, it seems to turn on the same radio station each time. Not sure what’s going on. That option is left blank in the app.

I would like to see “The Wash is Done”, as well as “The Dryer is Done”. :smile: