Repository for MP3 Notifications files

Is there a repository where we can download typical notifications such as “Door is open”, or “Mail has arrived” etc. It’s seems a lot of these notifications are very common, no need for everyone to try to figure out how to make their own files.

If there is no repository, anyone want to make one for the community?

There’s the Morgan Freeman versions: :sunglasses:


They don’t compare to Morgan Freeman, but I’ve posted several of the MP3’s that I’m using with the Aeon Labs doorbell here:

I’d be willing to add more if anyone has some they would like to see posted for general consumption

And more in the Alexa voice:

Unable to download these files. Says its “Forbidden” in chrome and “Access Denied” when opened in a new tab.

Yeah, for some reason I couldn’t download the Mogan Freeman files. I got one or two to work but that was it. The Alexa ones work.

Since these files are provided by another community member, it would be a courtesy to go to that person’s thread as I provided those links already. I am now regretting having mentioned them in this thread.

Deleted that post