Smartthings + Sonos. Can I use custom sound effects?

(Josh Elgert) #1

HI there, brand new here, smart hub on its way to me as we speak. I am interested in picking up a sonos 1 in order to play custom sound effects when triggered by a door opening or anything else I can think of. I have googled but the only thing I can seem to confirm is that there are preset audio (dogs barking, light saber, etc) available.

So the question is, can I create or find sound bites and have them play when triggered by an action?

(Sander) #2

Yes, you can upload custom mp3 files to, for instance, a Amazon server and customize an existing smartapp. I played around a bit with this one to do the same thing.

(Josh Elgert) #3

Forgive my ignorance, but does that require renting cloud room from them? Is there any way to make this happen locally(like uploading the mp3 to the hub)? Any more information you can offer would be appreciated. I am kind of tempted to order it tonight.

(Sander) #4

You could aswell run it on a local server I think, not sure I’m no expert either. Either way you can’t run it on the hub itself.

(Josh Elgert) #5

good to know, thanks for the answers.