Sonos Not Found in SmartThing Classic, but is in the New SmartThings App

I am struggling connecting Sonos to the SmartThings Classic App so I can use it with WebCoRE for Automations.

When I follow the steps in classic:
Marketplace --> Things --> SmartThings Labs --> Sonos (labs) --> Connect Now
I can not find either Sonos speaker. Even after letting it search for over an hour.

When I search on the New SmartThings app, both of my speakers come up instantly. However, they only show up under the “All devices” section and not in my “Home” Section. They also don’t then register on the SmartThings Classic app and aren’t found when I log into my SmartThings online.

When I use them in the new app, they only have the ability to play music stored from my phone. No Automation and no more access than that.

I can’t figure out how to get them to sync and be added to SmartThings Classic.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the issue may be or how to fix it?

I could only upload one photo so I had to get creative, but I tried to include everything.