Can not add my Sonos speaker?

I made a pause with Smart Things and now I am reusing the ST again:)
As I understand you can only use the new app which is good so far.
I am trying to add my Sonos speaker with the new app but without success?

Only message I get is unit do not respond. Try to add the unit again.

What could be the problem. I know the Sonos and the ST hub are on the same network.
Please help me out

@cableguy, what version of the Hub do you have and what region is your Samsung account assigned to?

hub v2, UK customer
and version is: 000.032.00012

That should work…

Power off your Sonos, power it on, wait until it joins the wifi network, then from the app try to add a device, but choose on the top the Scan nearby option. Then select your Hub if it asks for. Then wait until it is recognized.

One more thing, make sure, if you used before the Sonos, to remove it from your device. If it creates a device id conflict, then it might cannot add it.

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Thank´s for the input. I tried but without sucess aswell

Is it set to fix IP?

Yes fixed IP

Just out fo curiousity do you have any fancy network solution on your network, like DD-WRT, repeaters, etc? Or do you have just a simple router where both device connects to?

Well. I have a TP link Decco M5 which works fine to use Sonos on. The mesh router works both on 2.4 and 5 GHz but to be sure I have turned of the 5 GHz

Can you connect both of the devices to the same Deco unit? I don’t know how it works on a mesh network, but they might not communicate to each other or something is missing from the SSDP communication.

I have no problem to contect my Sonos to the network. The problem looks to get them into ST?

ST discovers the Sonos through SSDP, you can have a look at the Hub’s log in the IDE has it discovered there or not.
If the SSDP broadcast is not coming through the Deco to ST, then it will be unable to add it.

The reboot of the Sonos triggers it to start broadcast the SSDP messages, because they tend to do quite if other devices on the network are doing SSDP broadcast, like the Hue bridge.

Hi @cableguy - I took a quick look at the logs from your SmartThings hub and it looks like it’s having an issue establishing a WebSocket connection to one of your Sonos speakers. Sending you a DM…

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Thanks @BarryA for jumping in!

After searching the web for forever, this worked first go. Quick caveat - I was installing my SONOS gear onto new WiFi Hub, after retiring the old hub. Not sure if this is significant.

Hi Barry. Any news regarding my Sonos speaker?

@cableguy - Sent you a follow-up DM