Cannot Add Sonos Speakers to Smartthings App

Trying to add Sonos as a partner device to Smartthings so I can use the speakers in routines for announcements. Fails every time with error message 34-302 . Tech support has been working on this for months and has no more troubleshooting steps. I have rebooted the ST hub, etc and all the other troubleshooting steps but no luck. They will add as Bluetooth devices but that functionality is too limited. Anyone run into this.

  • which model hub do you have?
  • rebooted your router?
  • ST hub and Sonos on the same subnet?
  • Sonos speakers are S2 and not older versions on S1?

-hub is ET-WV520 Samsung Home Connect System
-Yes rebooted my router and my hub
-The ST hub is hardwired to my router and broadcasting the same WiFi signal as the Sonos speakers are on - not sure what a subnet is but hopefully this answers the question
-Sonos speakers are Sonos One and Sonos Five (all second generation)

firmware version on the ST hub?

WV520XXU2AVD1 is the software version

All 3 ST hubs on the connect system have the same software version on them, as stated. Thank you.

go to Advanced Web App, login with your Samsung account, go to the hubs section and click on the hub name. It will display the firmware version there.

I am not certain how you find it in the app for the Home Connect.

ST hub firmware is 000.047.00012

Strange thing is that if I try to scan for them I only find the renderer which again aligns them via Bluetooth, not WiFi. Not what I want. So wether I try to add integrate the Sonos APP with ST and get the error described, OR I try to scan for the Sonos speakers, which the system then never finds them, I simply cannot get them to be added into ST. Very strange…

Have been working with Samsung AND SONOS for months and still can’t get SONOS to add to ST. It doesn’t seem the speakers as anything but renderers which then gives them limited flexibility for use case (can’t add verbal announcements on the speakers for routines or events-simply doesn’t seem them as speakers) Any help to pick this troubleshooting up?

Nothing to add but my Sonos speakers haven’t worked with smartthings for months. I finally deleted the Sonos devices from the hub last week and I can’t get them added back into smartthings. Hard to complain when smartthings is free but I feel as if they are breaking more things than fixing.

Contact ST support to report your issue

I have and they are not helpful.

We are currently working on this. We will get back to you with an update at the earliest.

Meanwhile, your time and patience are highly appreciated.

Venu J.
Samsung SmartThings Support

ST tech support is a circular ask for screenshots that ends with an apology and dead end.

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Months upon months and still no fix. BS…

Latest reply from tech support. If only resetting things fixed the issue. All of my Sonos devices used to work perfectly fine before the forced switch to the edge driver.

Upon investigation, we would like to inform you that the error logs in our records indicate the speakers need to be reset before they can be added to the SmartThings App. The next step here will be to remove any speakers from the SmartThings app, then delete the Sonos devices from the Sonos app before resetting them and adding them back to the Sonos app. Once added back to the Sonos app, try adding in SmartThings once more.

From Sonos support:

We are aware of this issue and it appears this is due to changes with Samsung SmartThings and not Sonos. Samsung SmartThings is a 3rd party process. The Sonos system itself is working as intended, it's the Samsung SmartThings Integration process that is experiencing an issue.

Still no help from Samsung.

Two large companies, one set of small excuses. No wonder why smart home platform is dying rather than breathing new life. Matter promised so much but delivered so little.

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Samsung smartthings sucks. So much so, many of the YouTube smart home leaders are ditching smartthings. Beginning of the end because their engineers are worthless and can’t fix anything. Customer support are even more clueless.

I cannot wait for Google home to allow the use of motion sensors and then I am done with smartthings