Sonos Tile Icon for Grouped Device(s)

Having multiple Sonos devices in my home, I often have one or more of them grouped. The problem I’m having is when grouped the icon for that Sonos device doesn’t change color when playing as part of a group. The one thing I’d like to request is if a grouped Sonos device is playing, it also changes green with the corresponding playing device.

If this can occur and I’m missing how to get it work, advice would be much appreciated.

This is how mine is set up. 3 Play 1’s over Sonos BOOST.

Family Room: 2 Play 1’s Grouped via Sonos stock App.
Master Bedroom: Single Play 1.

The Sonos Connect app in ST identifies 4 Sonos Play 1’s. It identifies the BOOST as a Sonos Play 1 too.

What I do is that I select only the main Play 1 from the grouped/paired Sonos and of course the individual Master Bedroom one. This way I always get the green on whichever Sonos is playing plus no confusion as to which Sonos to select for my notification. So, If I look at my Things, I only see two Sonos (Main and Bedroom) as I did not choose the secondary or the BOOST in the connect app.

Hope I made some sense. :wink: And the best part is notifications will still play on both the grouped Play 1’s even though you selected only one.

That does make sense. However, it appears this works best for a system where groupings dosn’t change. For instance, I assume your two Play 1’s in the family room will always stay grouped. In my case, the groupings may change depending on what people are playing. For instance, most of the time my kitchen Play 3 and living room play 5 are grouped. However, if my daughter decides to have a princess dance party while I’m cooking dinner, I’ll ungroup the living room for a while :grin:. In this case, I’ll need to choose all my devices in the connect app.

Let me know if I’m missing something!

@cdallum Very true… Mine are always stationary and remains grouped in the same way and never moves from room to room…And let the little princess have one of her own… :wink: Give her the Play 3 and get a Play 1 for yourself. Far superior sound with newer drivers.

Tax refunds are on their way, so assuming the CFO gives me budget approval, I will be getting a couple more Play 1’s. Perhaps I can add one more to the mix…