Group Sonos speakers together, set different volumes, play a list


I succeed to create a piston that when I press a button, it resumes current music, at a specific volume.
What I want and I don’t know how to do (when I press the same button):

  • group all the speakers together (if they are ungroupped)
  • set different volumes on each speaker
  • play a Sonos Favorite list (which can be a music list or a Radio Station)

How can I do that?

This is what I have until now:

Note: Even if I put the Kitchen and Living room like you see, they are both resuming their current queue and they will not group together. And If I will create different pistons for each speaker the different volume problem will be solved but I still don’t know how to group them and play a specific music list/radio station (from Sonos Favorites).

Also wondering about this.

Am able to play a .mp3 locally, but would like to “group” several Sonos speakers together. Wondering if this has to do with sending the command to the Sonos “coordinator”? Got this idea from the following project:

There is an official Sonos API that has all the right web requests, its just a matter of someone figuring it out. I have tried off and on and its beyond my expertise. People on other HA platforms have confirmed they can do things like group and play stations from sending JSON requests.

This is a fantastic Sonos service, probably it’s the best I’ve ever used. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put in some work this will do everything you’re looking for and more.

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Yeah, but this require another central unit like a Raspberry Pie and is too much hassle…