Sonos fix coming or just another app glitch?

After quite a bit of hassle with Sonos integration, I gave up for quite a while. I saw Big Talker 1.1.5 had posted so I thought I would re-add the speakers and see if the official release would work for my setup. I was at first annoyed to see that now if I try to add the Sonos Connect app it tells me that a Hub Firmware Update is required and to update the FW on my hub.

Since the instructions that it gives on how to update the hub are wrong, there is no Update button on My Locations -> Gear Icon -> scroll down and click on the Hub, I am assuming that the app was updated before the FW was pushed out. I could be completely wrong and it could just be that once again the ST system is buggered.

Does anyone else see this if they try to add Sonos Speakers, it hasn’t even gotten to the step where it searches for speakers so it should be do-able even if you don’t have them.

Edit: I think it’s just my Hub that is messed up as I noticed in the live log that it is still pinging my sonos devices every few minutes even though I removed all the devices. Here is an excerpt of the log, is this just chatter on the wifi or actual kruft on the hub:
e29ae881-3afb-4737-8d26-b9382348db30 7:12:02 PM: debug hubActiveHandler(devicetype:04, mac:5CAAFD4627D4, networkAddress:C0A8006E, deviceAddress:0578, stringCount:04, ssdpPath:/xml/device_description.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:RINCON_5CAAFD4627D401400_MS, ssdpTerm:, ssdpNTS:ssdp:alive)
e29ae881-3afb-4737-8d26-b9382348db30 7:11:55 PM: debug hubActiveHandler(devicetype:04, mac:B8E937DD8A28, networkAddress:C0A8006C, deviceAddress:0578, stringCount:04, ssdpPath:/xml/device_description.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:RINCON_B8E937DD8A2801400, ssdpTerm:, ssdpNTS:ssdp:alive)

Update… sorry to get anyones hopes up but I’ve dug through the code and found what I am assuming the problem is, though Odin only knows how to fix it.

this little bit of code:
location.hubs.each {hub -> hub.firmwareVersionString}

generates this output:
7262db29-4288-47a5-800d-db08e060da45 10:41:43 PM: info 000.014.00026
7262db29-4288-47a5-800d-db08e060da45 10:41:43 PM: info 0

which seems to point to the fact that I have two hubs at my location, though I most definitely do not and i can’t find any ghost hub in the graph pages . I’ve rebooted the hub without avail. Hopefully it is an intermittent glitch and will resolve itself