Smartthings Not discovering SONOS devices

I have searched and read all the previous threads on SONOS integration, and have tried some of the troubleshooting, although some of those threads are a couple years old, so creating a new one in hopes someone has found a solid solution.

HUB: Hub v2 US
SONOS Speakers: 6 (I read previously that 7+ speakers became an issue).

Just a little background: I previously had the classic app and had all my SONOS speakers functioning and integrating fine with this hub. Fast forward to now, I have had my hub and speakers not in use for the past two years, so was unable to do a migration from the classic app to the new one, and did a factory reset on my hub. My SONOS speakers are recognized by other 3rd party apps (Lutron), although under a device scan and a device add in-app, they are not discovered. I have also tried adding a speaker via ip address.

Any ideas from here?

Are the sonos speakers on the same subnet as the hub? Using the Sonos integration and not an old groovy smartapp? I ask because you mentioned trying to add by IP address which I do not believe is an option in the current sonos integration.

Better ask… what is the firmware version on your hub?

Currently on version 000.043.00004

Speakers and hub are both connected to the same router, not sure how I can check subnet of either. Yeah they were previously added into the classic app using SONOS integration. I only tried the IP route after the new app failed to recognize the speakers, as that was a suggestion in an old thread on the forum here.

Try going to Add Device > by Brand > Sonos if you haven’t already

If that does not work, reboot your router

The reboot worked, it’s always something so simple !! :smiley: Thanks for talking me through it.