Sonos Control with Smartthings Button, different options in classic to new app :(

Guys, I bought a smartthings button last week and between the classic and the new app with the one touch button option I can do the standard ff/rewind/mute/umute etc but trying to use these options when doing a double click or keeping my finger on the button is not happening.
For the life of me I only see the single button option in the classic app but nothing for controlling the double click and press option. These button options are in the new app but there is no option for ff/rewind, just mute umute and certain volumes. Any ideas. Cheers in advance

What smart app are you using to setup the automation?

Trying it on both, the new app it seems only allows me to change music player/volume/mute/unmute yet the classic app allows play/pause fast forward/rewind etc etc which I want to use but the classic app only seems to allow me to change press button once, it seems there is no option for double click and long press in the classic app.

Any ideas?

There are multiple ways this could be setup in the apps. Please provide details (or screen shots) on what method you are trying to use in each app.

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Ok here are some from classic and new

in the new app, what are the options under Music Player when you toggle it on? Just play and pause?

Just those ones in bottom picture in the new app mute/unmute/volume and music player

right, but when you tap the toggle for music player, more option will appear. What are those options?

Just gives option for play/pause

bummer. Quite the pickle. May have to go with Webcore, but i’m not sure if the hold buttom command is exposed to it.