Sonos Beam has different controls than Sonos One?

I just recently got a Sonos Beam for my Master Bedroom.

I’ve added it into my apps (Sonos, Smartthings, Google Home) and was hoping to control the Beam like I do with my Sonos Ones I have. I use Smart Lighting to play music on the Sonos One when motion is triggered in my rooms, however, I cannot do the same with my Beam.

The Beam doesn’t show up as a speaker or switch inside any of my SmartApps.

When I look inside IDE, Beam uses LAN Sonos Player Websocket while the Ones use LAN Sonos Player. I tried switching the Beam to the non-websocket one but it doesnt work.

Does anyone have an idea/solution for me to trigger music on the Beam on motion?

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