Connect Sonos Play SL thru SmartThings to play TV sound

Trying to get my two Sonos play SL. Set them up in Sonos app and they’re added to thru the SmartThings app. They display as stopped. I can set them to playing but no sound. Tried both apps. :man_shrugging:

I don’t have a Play SL but I’ve got a Sonos surround sound setup. Playbar, two Play:5, and a sub woofer.

The Playbar is hooked to the TV … either optical or HDMI, don’t remember which. The rest of the surround components are set up in the Sonos app.

There shouldn’t be any need to do anything in any apps to play TV sound. Just be sure your TV settings are sending sound to whatever connection you’ve got the Sonos speakers connected with.

Just to make clear, the current Sonos LAN Websocked DH is not supporting source selection on the Sonos devices, which has an option for it. (In the SmartThings app you cannot select optical, or HDMI as input, only the player can be controlled.)


Assuming that the OP’s Sonos speakers are physically connected to the TV then they should just start playing TV sound when the TV turns on. At least that’s how it works with the Playbar.

If I use the Sonos app to stream music to the Playbar and associated speakers when the TV is on, it warns me.

Maybe this is only for the Sonos soundbars.

No idea if this is useful but I have a Beam directly connected to my TV and 2 x OneSLs around the house. In SmartThings, I can control each device (play/pause/skip/volume) but there is no ability to modify which get sound. For that, I needed to use the Sonos app to add the speakers to the Beam output then the SmartThings app would let me control the volume as a group by changing volume on any single device in that group. As I say, probably not useful… :man_shrugging:

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