Can you use Sonos One or Sonos Beam to play custom soundcloud file in a smartthings automation?

Hi I bought RBoy collection of app and DH’s.

I have tried the [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors
but I can’t get the app to play a sound when my bathroom window is open for more than 10 min.

I have made a sound clip in QuickTime both in mp3 and m4a and uploaded them to SoundCloud.

But it won’t play on either my Sonos One or my Sonos Beam, they should bed supported in ST.

Does anybody use this function? If so could they help?

Thanks :pray:

Start with Rboy support. They are usually very helpful.

Yes but the answer I get is not very helpful. Or I just don’t understand it :thinking: either way I need somebody that can help me decipher their answer.

You will need to contact SmartThings or the device manufacturer for details on how the device works with SmartThings and what capabilities it supports. There are many users who are using their Sonos to play messages through SmartThings. You may want to try asking on the SmartThings community forum.

No, the app just passes exactly what you entered to SmartThings. You will need to contact the manufacturer to understand what format/services your model supports. SmartThings uses Amazon’s S3 service to host it’s library built-in sounds which are passed by the SmartApp to the platform (some users prefer that option as they find it more compatible).

It sounds like they are suggesting that that particular model speaker may not be supported by the current smartthings integration. I’ve edited your topic title, and hopefully you’ll get some specific responses that way from people who know one way or the other.

BTW, your post says “Sonia One,” i’m not familiar with that device. Did you mean Sonos one?

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:+1: i edited my original post

Yes but Maddie from RBoy says Sonos is supported…:thinking: but could the file format or placement of web server be the problem. Hope somebody that uses this function in ST can help?

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Can you still play those clips in some way just through the regular smartthings app or even the Sonos app? I’m not familiar with Sonos. I’m going to tag a few people who are in case they have more to add.

@HA_fanatic @HalD @BarryA @jkp

I’ve got a bunch of Sonos devices. I just checked and I even connected them to SmartThings at some point.

But I’ve never done anything with the integration. So I’m no help at all.

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