Sonos auto add

Because of my home layout and signal issues, I have 2 hubs. They are both on the same wifi network.

I also have sonos speakers on my wifi network.

Sonos speakers auto add to ST anytime I “search for a new device” after installing something new.

This is great, however, I end up with duplicate speakers added. Both hubs end up “seeing” my speakers and BOTH hubs end up auto adding the speakers. I can remove the speakers from one of the hubs to solve that problem, however the next time I “search for new devices” on that hub, they just get added back.

Any suggestions how to avoid this?

Depending on your home network … you could always block the Sonos speakers from the ST hub.

There is no feature in ST to stop discovery of local LAN devices (to my knowledge).

You could also rename the second set of speakers and just make the best of a bad situation :wink:

I have an eero mesh network. If I blocked the speaker, wouldn’t it prevent the sonos from being installed on BOTH ST hubs? I do want them included in ST. I definitely like it. Just prefer no duplicates.

Yeah this is what I currently do…and then plop them in their own “room” to avoid clutter. My bigger issue is I have quite a few sonos speakers. Right now I have 7 of them and will definitely be adding more in the future. Doubled up I’ll likely have “20” sonos products on my ST account (10 speakers). With all the other home automation things I have going on, although I’m currently not pushing my 200 device limit (or whatever it is) per location, I can see a day in the future where this could be a hurdle.

only block the speakers to the one ST hub you don’t want them to connect to. They would still connect to the other hub. Just to be clear… not talking about blocking the speakers from your network but blocking the connection between devices (in your case between the speakers and one ST hub). I have unifi so I can create traffic or firewall rules.

When adding new devices, avoid using Scan Nearby and instead add by going to the specific brand/device you are attempting to add.