Sonos as extention of nvidia shield

I’m an looking for a way to extend the google assistance on the nvidia shield. Google assistance on the shield can connect to my media through Plex and so on. I have a smarthings link attached to the nvidia shield.
Can anyone guide me or paste a link with some guidance.

You cannot extend the Google Assistant to your Sonos speaker because the Sonos doesn’t have a microphone or any type of processor to run the application. Sorry, you have to buy a google home, mini or max. Or of course, there are tutorials out there on building your own with a raspberry pi. But after paying $35 for the pi, you’re almost at the cost of a mini as it is.

Plus, this is the SmartThings forum…you might want to check with Nvidia or Google. Those functions are not part of the ST integration with the Shield.

I have 3 Sonos one´s with mic´s and a sound bar and sub. Currently I am running Alexa on the Sonos one´s. Two of which are in the living room where they act as rear speakers for the surround. One is placed in a hallway between a office and walk-in closet room - the mic is very good and picks up the activation word “Alexa” throughout half the apartment.
Sonos is a supported SmarThings device (much more then a samsung tv - which I can’t seem to add)
Google assistance will also be added to Sonos and currently I am using Yonomi as alternative - also better then the SmartThings app.

But what I was hoping for was a way to connect samsung tv + Nvidia shield (Plex) and smartthings link and the mic´s on the sonos one´s to interact with everything I guess its not there yet… my biggest disappointment is the SmartThings and Samsung connection.

If you knew it didn’t have Google than why did you ask? And why here? No relation to SmartThings.

Ryan all devices are on connected though a smartThings link/hub (Nvidia shield) .
Alexa allows voice interaction with my devices (lights, microwave and so on) as long as they are supported by smartthings. Same goes for Google assistance.

  • Its not working very well, hence I need several apps.
    Sonos is running Alexa but I would prefer it voice commands was on nvidia shield - google assistance extended to sonos, as it easier to add new commands.
    I already have google assistants, Google Chromecast, DTS:X for plex and Kodi and so on build into a 100$ box (Nvidia shield) there is absolutely no reason to buy and spend time on a raspberry…

I hear your frustration. I’ve been waiting forever for this as well. Alexa is OK but Google assistant is what I am waiting for. I find the only reliable way for now is by using the line-in port on some of the Sonos. I use it on my connect AMP.
Hopefully the integration will be here by end of the year.

Your shield isn’t directly connected to Alexa? The only skill you have in Alexa is SmartThings? I doubt it.