Can Alexa be used with Google Assistant on Nvidia Shield?

Now that Google Assistant is in Nvidia Shield TV can I use my Alexa to pass commands to GA.

Reason - right now the only way to envoke the shield is to use the Nvidia controller or remote. I don’t use those as I use a Harmony remote.

So maybe with Echosistent or Ask Alexa Alexa can be used to talk to the shield?

The easiest way is to set your controller nearby and use it like you would use google home. Works well. Other than that Alexa and Google Assistant don’t play nice with each other, yet

But you have to press the button to envoke the mic

nope, not on the controller, you need to manually enable that feature. I have two controllers connected to mine and they hear pretty well.

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Where do you enable that?

The 2017 model controller does not need the button pressed to activate.

It asked me the first time I used the assistant. Look for assistant set up.

I was using the old controller. The 2917 one worked but my phone is responding not the sheild