Nvidia Shield TV with original Smart things HUB

How do I connect my Nvidia Shield to my smart things stand alone hub?
I was able to connect my google minis to my google home app. then authorize samsung smart things.
Lost when it comes to the Nvidia shield
any help appreciated.

What do you need it connected for? The shield is recognized on your network as a chromecast device already. You should be able to tell your Google Homes something like “Hey google, play Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus from YouTube on Shield.” and it will cast it to the TV. If your TV is CEC enabled, it will even turn the TV on for you when you ask this.

Trying to turn my lights on and off.
I have the v2 samsung hub

Are you trying to control lights when things happen as you watch a show like having the lights go on when you pause a video?

Take a look this thread using KODI

Or this

Just want to use the google assistant that is built in nvidia shield to turn on the lights when I say turn on the lights or turn on the thermostat.

My google home mini already turn on my light (ge zwave with samsung smart things) and my thermostat (nest with samsung smart things)
Cannot seem to get the google assistant on the nvidia to respond to the commands.

I have an Nvidia Shield TV and I just tried it and it works for me. Make sure that it’s enabled at the bottom of the Shield TV home screen. Using the remote, you need to hold own the Mic button but if you have the game controller, you can set that up for hands-free.

I am going to try again.
Should I be logged into the same account as my google home or samsung smart things?

You should be logged into your google home account.

Off Topic but I never saw the use case for this. Just to control playback from Smartthings? With Alexa/Google Home I would think voice control is more of a need. Maybe I am missing some key functionality.

Maybe not so much to control the media but I believe it allows you to do things like automatically dim the lights whenever you press play or pause.

Sure, makes sense. Similar to Plex Manager but with Alexa and GA and WebCore I don’t see the need for an app.

I would rather have WC say if Plex or Kodi start and time is between x and x etc. I just want more automation lol

I use google assistant with my smart things to turn on and off my lights. I have smart plugs to turn on and off my printer and coffee maker.
I just spoke with and nvidia rep who stated the samsung smart thing HUB is not compatible with nvidia shield??? then he gave me a link to the samsung smart thing link (white dongle device)

Is this true? anyone using their HUB v2 with their nvidia shield tv?