Have Alexa talk to Google assistant on Nvidia shield

I have a webcore piston that uses echo speaks that will say OK Google Play on Nvidia shield.

The voice command never triggers Google assistant on the shield even though I have it right next to it. I even added the shield TV Alexa skill to see if that would help with the setup.

What my goal is, is to have echo speaks issue commands automatically based on a webcore piston that will play a specific video on YouTube on my Nvidia shield.

I can use my voice on the shield but lw wanted to tie it to webcore to initiate multiple automations.

Just be careful…

Regular echo devices don’t hear what they themselves say. It’s filtered out. I wonder if you’re running into that.

Can you run Echo routines (not smartthings routines) on the shield? If so, set up an echo routine that just says that phrase when you say something else like “echo, alpha test“ or whatever. Then see if that works.

If that doesn’t work, then it’s unlikely the piston would work.

Yes I saw that lol

I can’t do that because it’s a fire device and they are supported in Alexa Routines