Sonos & Motion

I have created a spoke message on the Sonos unit activated by a motion sensor

But i cannot remove it. Search shows nothing but other users disgruntled at this function. Or lack of ability to easily remove.

What SmartApp did you use to create it?

created with smart things App, this thing is the shittest piece of low tech i’ve ever come across… you can turn something on, but you have no options to remove it or turn it off… just so bloody clunky. I hope they never release this down here cos there would be geek riots if the general public got their hands on it.

that it u just completely removed my Sonos from this crap. its a pity there is no ifttt / sonos interaction without 3rd party devices.

It’s funny how some people have issues and others don’t.
Mine is working OK.
BUT I am using CoRE and on the UK server.
Not sure if this is the difference.

I was going to suggest to go into your SmartApps, (three bars top right of app) and find the app you used to install the sound, and click on it, then remove inside the app.

I don’t think the app is the worst by a long shot, but I think it deserves the stars it currently has in the play store.