Sonos or Samsung (Bose?) better intergrated with Smartthings

I have spent the past few days researching to buy Sonos Play:1 or Samsung R1 (Bose too?) to add to my setup which includes Philips Hue & La Matric via IFTTT.

I’m unable to find a conclusive answer if after a TTS notification the system is able to resume music if it was playing?

Initially I was going to go for Bose SoundTouch due to the ability of quick preset access on the player, nice app and a remote! Huge bonus as I like the second option of non-smartphone control. The lack of TTS sways me away but it seems like TTS is quite buggy with Sonos and Samsung. We also being in the UK some features like the weather does not work…

What would you go for?

Thank you!

I can’t speak for the other options but I’m perfectly happy with my Sonos setup.

It works for me, and has the advantage of looking good and having a high WAF. The wife likes that she can drop into the app and play XM or Pandora or whatever as well by using the Sonos app, so it’s like I’m hijacking the speakers for home automation duties, instead of being some half-cooked thing that she has to use by jumping through hoops.

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Thank you for your reply Viguera. Have you got it setup to Smartthings notify and smoothly resume music again? Does it work ok and with minimal lag?

From looking at the apps I think Bose and Sonos are ahead of Samsung by far.

I have 3 Sonos devices (Play 1, Play3, and a Connect hooked to an amp in the home theater for basement (2 speakers) and patio(4 speakers) and I love them all. I have not personally had great luck with TTS being dependable on ST gen 1 or gen 2 hubs but I may also not being setting them up right. I agree with @viguera that the WAF is very good for Sonos. My wife loves it. She can simple walk into the backyard hit the Sonos app and play and it starts working. Very little fuss and its dependable too. She love that there is no turning anything on (the Sonos trigger amp on and off when music is playing). Prior to the connect I was using a Integra receiver with internet radio which did the same thing more or less but was much more finicky and often did not work (requiring reboot, etc.). I also have some level of respect for Sonos over the other because lets be real… they created the market! Bose and Samsung and many others may be making cool stuff now but it is all more or less a copy of the Sonos concept. I remember when Sonos came out in the early 2000’s everyone was thinking they were crazy… it was too expensive and no one would use it! They created the space and I like innovators like that.

I can’t speak to how Bose and Samsung hold up.

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I am now a proud owner of 2 Play:1’s! Outstanded by how much bass the little speaker can produce.

Looking to expand and get the Connect for my TV sound system, then more Play:1’s dotted around in the other rooms.

One this I am sad about is SmartThings Sonos Connect function cannot find my speakers. So frustrating! I tried rebooting my router etc and nothing seems to help.

This thread is relevant to my interests. My old soundbar recently gave up the ghost and I’m looking for a replacement that is also ST-supported. Looking at the “speakers” subset of the ST Compatible Products list I’m a little confused by something. Several of the listed soundbars, including most of the non-curved Samsung soundbars, offer only Bluetooth as a wireless connectivity option and don’t support Wi-Fi/ethernet. How can they be ST compatible if there’s no way for the hub or cloud service to access them?

Those soundbars are compatible via a multiroom hub like this one:

OK, so then I take it they have Wi-Fi (or other wireless) capability that just isn’t listed in the specs.