Sonos Alexa Integration is Live, but still in beta. Also have an open Sonos API now

They’ve also announced a new device as well

That’s pretty cool, basically a play 1 with Alexa built in. I’m glad to see the price didn’t increase.

I hope this means we can one day have official Sonos integration, with better execution.



:grin: I see the logo now. So does this mean Sonos will no longer be a “Labs” version?, if it hasn’t already changed. Will we see any benefits on our end?


If you like your Sonos system, you will love the Alexa integration. It’s not all finished yet, but has come a long way from the earlier closed Beta.

Your right! I was part of the private beta, started out rocky but is so much better. I really like the “audio ducking” feature, which lowers the Sonos speaker volume so Alexa can hear your request while music is playing.

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Any more news on this? Wink now has official Sonos integration, but I haven’t heard Sonos say anything about Smartthings, and I haven’t really heard Smartthings say much of anything at all lately.