Sonos One speaker with Alexa (Google Assistant update May 2019)

This was posted a few weeks ago here:

I have my doubts now that they’ve all but announced their own smart speaker. The privacy policy was probably updated to support this device…but I’m still hoping for integration with existing speakers.

Still waiting for Sonos, we’ll see. In the meantime Alexa released multidevice music which does most of what I needed, but it’s not perfect… I have echos in almost every room, I have a few dots in various areas one dot connected to a sonos bridge which is connected to my internal /external sound which is grouped to my sonos speakers… So play music “everywhere” plays music on everything! Well it’s not great sound because there is a timing difference in the Alexa instructions there are ways to help this, none seem to work all that great so it sounds like music in a stadium… but what does work great is the ability to ask any Alexa device to play a song on a specific device in your house. :slight_smile:

Has anyone gotten this? Can you use it with SmartThings?

Google assistant support is finally arriving.


No way!

Now if they could fix their iPhone app, when playing music from your phone it skips.