Amazon Alexa / Wireless speaker combination

Hi All,

I wanted to get some opinions on what works best to have Amazon Alexa and wireless speakers. I tried Bose Soundtouch, but those aren’t really working out for me.

My preference is to have Amazon Alexa built into the speaker and have the speakers: a)be able to integrate with Smartthings (text to speech, etc.) and b)have all the speakers play the same source. I want the speakers to be able to be integrated with Amazon Alexa and at the same time, handle Smartthings integration without any major issues.

Other than Bose, what would you recommend and what has been your most recent experiences?


You should check into the new Sonos One speaker with built-in Alexa and SmartThings integration. I have some Sonos Play 1’s that are reliable for notifications, although if I’m listening to music it may or may not resume.

So Sonos One is different than play 1? Anyone have input on the Sonos One? They were on sale at (20% off with promo code) but that is over now…

I don’t own the Sonos One, the two are very similar, but the Sonos One has microphones for hands-free Alexa integration and some minor changes internally, I believe it should have slightly better bass. I’m sure someone else will be able to comment on the effectiveness of having Alexa built-in.

Sonos One are the truly Alexa enabled speakers in the market. If you want one of the best sounding speakers around, with multi-room capabilities that is Sonos One.