Official Sonos Amazon integration coming in 2017

Imma just drop this here for you:


Hmmm… “…In 2017.”

Amazon rarely preannounces features. Clearly Sonos is terrified that they are going to lose marketshare, so they are promising that they will work natively with Alexa, just not yet. Because (cue soldering shot) hardware is hard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Disappointing that it wasn’t announced as currently available, but glad that they are working together instead of each trying to go it on their own. This would make the Echo Dot an even better home automation solution since you get Alexa voice control AND Sonos audio quality.

Hopefully there is a Beta that comes out early.


I used to have our Sonos announce the weather every morning. Over time it got flakier and flakier until it just stopped working altogether.

Last time I checked it seems ST has completely removed this function. Is that true or am I just missing something.

But back OT…this would be awesome. We listen to a lot of music and podcasts through Echo because it’s just easier. It would be great if we could play these through our Sonos sitting a couple of feet away.

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Great news for those of us invested in Sonos. It appears in the video that the Sonos sound is canceled out so Amazon Echo can better hear over the music. If so, this is awesome, sign me up for the beta.

Bad news, 2017 means the end of 2017. It is a long way to wait but on the flip side it sounds like they are going to be serious about getting it right.

By the way, Alexa is still playing samples of Old School Funk triggered by this video. Wife doesn’t appreciate the “explicit” lyrics.


The fact Sonos & Amazon are working together is HUGE. I have way too much invested in Sonos gear (5 rooms at home & one at the second home) to jump to another platform. Sonos “got it right” with sound synchronization among players/rooms & I’m delighted to hear this.


You can opt in on the beta via the phone app. I think we will see the beta in Oct(Ummm, this year, I think. maybe). I hope…

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OK, conspiracy theory time: could this explain what happened to the Amazon Dot? Sonos made a deal with Amazon both to use the dot and to get them to stop selling it until the Sonos integration was ready? Hmmmm…


Interesting point. i would think the Echo would have been the bigger threat to Sonos since it’s a quality speaker and can easily replace the Play 1/3, where as with the Dot, it needed to connect to something like Sonos to have quality sound. However, it would only be able to connect to the Play 5, which most people don’t have.

Where in the app, @Fubie? I can’t find it :flushed:

We shall see. I stopped beta testing Sonos because it was so little excitement going on with their releases, but this is one I am looking forward.

The point is people were using the Dot to connect to competing speakers. :wink:


Ahh yes. Now that MAKES a lot of sense.

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That was good thinking but Sonos announcement says it works with both Echo and Echo dot, so is not a dot exclusive. Also to @Fubie s disappointment, the beta is coming at the end of 2016 :frowning:

" The announcement includes voice control by pairing up with Amazon and its Alexa-enabled devices, Echo and Echo Dot, to control the Sonos sound system. A beta program of that product will launch at the end of 2016, with consumer availability scheduled for 2017. "

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Attempted to order a dot via Echo and Alexa cheerfully says, “Currently sold out!” and makes vague reference to staying tuned for new, exciting things…

Been that way for about a month. :disappointed_relieved:

Add to the rumor mill about a CEDIA announcement revolving around SONOS and a future partnership / acquisition :slight_smile:

Will be an interesting next few weeks for sure.


Yeah. Wish I hadn’t hesitated when it was available. Your conspiracy theory is a good one :grin:


On my android phone it is located under settings>advanced settings>Beta program

I have been in the beta program along time because originally I bought into the Sonos community because I listen to a lot while at home working. About 10 months or so ago they took it away saying they will add it again soon.

I don’t know when soon is but it must be 6 or 7 years away in Sonos time.

I was told by Sonos that the beta will begin in October, but I’m not hopeful.

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