Sonos and echo integration

Here we go!!


In case you need it…


Ok, I joined the sonos public beta program. Now what do I do. Guessing I get more info from Sonos later?

Anyone testing this skill? How well does it work? I currently have some rudimentary integration with Ask Alexa, but want to pull it out if this direct skill works well. What can it do? Play, Pause, Mute? What about playing specific songs by voice?

Let me know, and if you have any indication when it might be released.

I signed up for the beta but it looks like you have to have your Sonos playing for about 2 hours a day to get involved in the beta program. I don’t do the 2 hours a day requirement so I haven’t heard back about it.


I have been on their beta program for years, even the one that finished a few months back and I have not used my Sonos (at all) for a very long time, in fact only started to use it again recently for ST notifications. Perhaps that is a new requirement though.

The general release appears to be just around the courier, a few weeks away.