What I need to connect Sonos to SmartThings

I’m thinking of buying Samsung SmartThings. Do I need just need the hub to connect it to my Sonos or do I need something more then just the hub? I want to connect it to SmartThings and then to an Echo.

You don’t need anything else, but the existing functionality is limited to basic commands. You can’t, out of the box, use Echo or SmartThings app to select and play your favorite playlists / Pandora stations, create speaker groups, etc.

There’s a free app called Yonomi that adds some of that functionality (without much fuss at all) . You should also look into the Alexa Helper, Ask Alexa, and CoRE smartapps.

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Thank you I appreciate the response.

I can connect ECHO to my SmartThings using the hub. Then connect my Sonos to SmartThings then connect it to my ECHO right?

I know I only can do and say like play my playlists and stuff but I’ll work on that stuff when I get everything up and running.

Thank you again

Connect Sonos (and any other devices) to SmartThings. Then add SmartThings skill to Echo (via Alexa app) & Alexa smartapp to SmartThings app.