Considering SmartThings: How exactly does it work with Sonos?

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I don’t have Sonos, but a lot of community members do, so hopefully they can answer your question here.

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Welcome @Fubie also have Sonos and Echo. I was able to get Alexa to play Sonos by saying Alexa play (turn on, not sure which) Kitchen Sonos. worked great. It just started playing the last Pandora station I was listing to. Still working out how to do play list and volume control … but it dose work. It was an easy setup as I am just an average end user… not a programmer or coder. :smile:

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You’d be able to do this with a bit of work. You’d need to create a virtual switch on your SmartThings account and use the Sonos Mood Music to trigger that playlist when you turn on a virtual switch with Alexa.



If you have more commands as you play with it I would appreciate it if you could post them!

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It sounds like you may be able to start the Sonos device with just a simple echo command, but if you want to start a specific playlist that wasn’t the last one playing, you may have to go back to the virtual switches concept.