Smartthings, Domoticz, Somfy, RTS & IO

Hey all!

I’m in Europe… There, that’s cleared…

I’ve currently got some Somfy shades integrated thanks to the fantastic work of Martin (@dudz40 ).

They’re all based in the RTS protocol…

Now I’m going to include other Somfy motors for the blinds… here’s where the trouble starts… I think…

The guys I contacted for this want to sell me a newer IO motor…

I’ve seen what the official app by somfy can do… and I like it…

BUT! I’m not 100% (heck not even 10%) sure if that new protocol will be compatible with my current setup…

Ideas? Thoughts?

Probably Somfy IO motor, it works on 866Mhz, so no chance it will work with RFXCOM which uses 433. Protocol in this case would be IO Homecontrol.

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so no chances of porting it into ST?

We might have a cgande via the app platform.
How is the Somfy app connecting to the blinds? What is the name of the app?

I’ll find out! :slight_smile:

These are the apps (for android) that I think are of application in this case… I don’t know exactly how they connect… but I am guessing some sort of API?

That is tahoma, for that you need a box in your home, around 300 euro.

I was afraid you’d say that

If you buy the Tahoma box here’s the SmartThings integration:

And here’s another hub what can control RTS devices and might even replace the SmartThings hub:

But I’m comfortable with ST! Don’t want to replace it! :laughing:

Yet another hardware what adds API access to Somfy devices:

ST hub can’t communicate with Somfy devices so you’ll need some additional hardware no matter how much you love ST.
Technically it would be possible with a USB device attached to ST hub (like rfxcom) but I don’t see this happening in the near future, ST doesn’t seem to have any plans to support third party hardware connected to hub.

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What if we start a campaign? LOL!

If only it were available in Europe… sigh…

Good luck with the campaign :slight_smile:
ST rejected even smaller changes so far :frowning:

I loooked at Connect UAI prices and the Tahoma box is cheaper.

Wasn’t actually planning on doing one… just thinking outloud… lol!

Hello dear People here,

Sorry, I’m totally new to the whole topic (as well as community), so apologies, if my question is going to be dumb :slight_smile:

  1. “Is there a decent chance to get the ST hub working in the “civilized” Europe (I’m in CZ, but my conditions apply for most of the EU - voltage, frequencies, power outlet)”. I understand that the ST is not really planing to get outside of UK and US :frowning:

  2. “What would I need to make it work with the Somfy RTS motors (resp. Telis remote)?” From some sources I read that it’s possible with some additional “box”, but here it is mentioned, that it won’t work (?)

Thanks a lot for help and any advice.

Hi Dan!

I’m from Spain and I have been using ST since what seems like forever…

Just purchase the smartthings hub from Amazon UK (or some other online retailer) and plug it into an adapter… that’s how I have it… works great with my 60+ (I think) devices!

My current setup for that exact scenario involves a Raspberry Pi 3 with Domoticz installed, a RFXCom USB antenna and an app + a few device handlers by my friend @dudz40 from the Netherlands… If you need guidance, tell me and I’ll recover the urls where I got everything from…