Question around the new Somfy integration to Smartthings

I have a couple of questions regarding the new Somfy/TaHoma integration with Smartthings. Check out this article from August of 2021: Somfy partners with Samsung SmartThings

I currently have a Somfy ZRTSI controller that I’ve been using for a few years with the ZRTSI Smartthings DTH and following this method: Somfy Window Shades & SmartThings Integration Guide for the year 2020! (ZRTSI) It’s been working flawlessly, although the ZRTSI box is a PitA to get connected to the Somfy blinds… but once you get it working, it’s solid. Unfortunately, the Somfy blinds have very little awareness of their own state, so it causes a number of issues that are well documented.

I can see from this article, that Somfy finally woke the hell up and partnered with a company (springblinds) to create a real hub and inteface into their blinds using this product plus their own RTS to Zigbee protocol

So, my questions:

  • Can I just repair my existing Somfy blinds to the TaHoma hub?
  • I see the TaHoma bridge hub in the Smartthings app…I assume it’s a cloud-to-cloud connection?
  • does the TaHoma bridge hub ride off the existing home Zigbee mesh network?
  • it looks like (from the springblinds website) that this device will support the legacy Somfy Sonesse and the Somfy Roll-up… so, that’s good. I also have a few Zebrablinds in the house which are from and pair directly with Smartthings. Can those be added to this hub?

Thanks in advance…

Aren’t your zebrablinds Z wave? If so, then no, they will not work with a zigbee bridge. Also, you’re referring to Zebrablinds , right? You linked to zebrablind (no “s”), but that domain is inactive and I don’t believe there is an integration with that name.

The one that has a smartthings integration is

Correct, the Tahoma integration is cloud to cloud. Tahoma would build its own zigbee network. Last I checked, consumers can’t buy a TaHoma hub. Kinda strange situation since SmartThings is primarily a DIY system. Also confusing because Somfy recently came out with their own horizontal blind retrofit that CAN be bought by consumers, but TaHoma can’t :thinking:

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I think you have forgotten those big building management announcements what have happened this year.

“primarily”. i’m sure those deals did help get Somfy on board, though.

Otherwise is this the Somfy TaHoma Bridge?

Well, I just ordered one. I’ve been ordering Somfy stuff from installers websites for years - it all just gets delivered. I just ordered the Tahoma from Springblinds, which is a installation supplier:

I’ll let everyone know how it works once it gets here.

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Yes I am - I had forgotten that they were z-wave. :roll_eyes:

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