Somfy motor compatibility / TILT

I have a bid from a vendor for window treatments that include Somfy motors. One of these motors includes a TILT capability, in addition to the RISE/LOWER capability. I already have the ZRTSI 16 module to interface between RTS and Z-WAVE.

Can anyone confirm these specific Somfy models will work with SmartThings, and that there is a SmartThings APP that will control both RISE/LOWER and TILT for these Somfy motors? Specific ST APP recommendations would be appreciated as I’m new to this. I just installed the “Shady” ST APP, but not sure I see how TILT might be accomplished…

Somfy ST30 RTS 24 VDC
Somfy R28 RTS 12VDC

THANKS SO MUCH in advance for any assistance…

Neal from @ZebraBlinds might be able to help.