Somfy Blinds Integration into SmartThings

I am stumped, forewarning, I am not very technically advanced. I have motorized blinds controlled by a Somfy ZRTSI module and the blinds stopped working in SmartThings. I did a hard reset and removed all devices associated with the blinds from ST (I did it through the proper exclusion process). Now, I connect the Base Node and a Controller is found in the App (Great…I Think). I have 8 blinds tied to the virtual nodes, and when I try to add them to ST through the device addition tool, the Somfy device says success but it does not show in ST…I have reset the module tried both apps with no success. how can I add the individual blinds back to ST so I can use them again. I am hopeful the solution will not be too technical (code, apps, etc.) thank you In advance for your help!!

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Anyone? Really hoping someone can help

If you are using any custom device handlers then login to IDE, go to the device handlers section, open the device handlers and Publish for Me. You may need to exclude or reset the devices again and then try to add them.

I don’t see a ‘Publish for Me’ section in the device handlers spot. When I go into device handlers, I see that the multi tile is there showing as published, but it doesn’t seem to tie into my smartthings setup (current devices, apps, etc.). How do I pull it into the app?

I also don’t see a reset option when I click further into the shades multi tile. Only delete.

I have included pictures of what I see. Again, thanks for your help!

Click on the name of the device handler and you will find it

And please tell me you are no longer using the garyd9 device handler? That is sooooo old. You should use one off the ST device handlers for locks at this point. Highly recommend removing that device handler :slight_smile:

You, my friend are my hero! Got them working!

In regards to the locks, is there one that you would recommend? Is there a link to a good code I could try to use? The previous homeowner set this up a few years ago, I am shamelessly using all of his hard work! :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for your help kind sir!

there are two options in regards to device handlers for z-wave locks:

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I am new to Smartthings. Do you remember how you accomplished the Somfy ZRTS integration? Not a programmer but somewhat technical and can follow instructions.

This thread is your best bet. It’s what I referenced years ago to set mine up. Although right now it’s not working for me. I’m having the same issue as the original poster in this thread.

I was able to re-publish the device handler for the ZRTSII to get it to populate when re-adding. However, the device handlers for the shades themselves still don’t work when including the virtual nodes from the ZRTSII. I get a “success” message, but then nothing ever pops up in SmartThings.

Hmm, re-published the device handlers again and it finally worked. Weird. Wonder what causes them to stop working like that…