Since the Somfy ZRTSI isn't available in Europe

My first option would’ve been to motorise my blinds/curtains/shades with Somfy and their ZRTSI device… but… it’s not available in Europe it seems…

Therefore I am looking at other options…

I saw this one…

Any ideas if it will work well with the Smartthings ecosystem?

Thanks all!!!

Hi Daniel,
I’ve been searching online for over two weeks for a solution to integrate my smartthings with the somfy roll-up curtains, if this works please let me know, I think it’s a good and affordable solution as I need it to work with 220v and it seems cheaper than the models I’m seeing
I read some where here in the community that this will work but if you’ve noticed it costs $334. Thanks & keep us updated!

What is the reason the ZRTSI module does not work in Europe? Is it because of the module is a 110V device?

It’s because of the zwave frequency!

Apart from the 110/230V issue, yes… But that isn’t so much of a problem… While the zwave thing is…

Ah, too bad… My blinds and sunscreen are already fitted with Somfy motors and a remote, that sounded like the perfect solution.

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The one I found is an older solution but if you have a Raspberry Pi and some programming knowledge… It should work…

I have a RPi lying around gathering dust, so that could be an option. Would that involve hooking that up the the existing RF remote for the blinds?

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From what I’ve read (but I’m probably mistaken :sweat_smile:) it needs, just like the zwave version, that you first setup the blinds with the remote, and then it should work without the remote…

EDIT: YOU definitely have to help me out with the RPi!!! We have to get the device integrated into ST!

EDIT 2: Where in Europe are you from?

I live in The Netherlands, but I am just getting started with digging into what ST can do, so for the very short term I won’t be much help I fear…

I have done some more looking around, but this also looks promising:

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Thanks for the link! Looks promising… if only we could integrate it into ST… I’m still no good in the Groovy language…

Any devs here who’d be willing to check it out? Or even you @Arnoud?


Found the answer to European Zwave Somfy!!! (I think at least)


The Dutch article you are linking to is a solution that hooks up the original Somfy remote (seen in the picture) to a Fibaro Relay Switch like this one:

and controlling that over Z-Wave.

I have a five-channel remote, so that would mean some extra switching.

But if you can do this, you can also hook it up to a RPi I would think?


Hey! I’ve got the whole setup, Raspberry, ST AND (installing tomorrow) the Somfy motors… with a telus16 coming…

if you do the programming, I’m willing to be a guinea pig! :smile:

which way to go? URTSI or the one we just found?

Another option!!!

Urtsi (part #: 1810872)

Urtsi IR receiver! (Part #9012872)

And purchase/configure some ir blaster which will also turn on/off the HVAC!

This third part might also be done with the Logitech Harmony Home when the integration works…

How do you guys like the sound of that?

Ok… Scratch that!

I’ve got the Telis 16 remote… And!!!

There are a few suspicious connectors on the back…


I have purchase the RFXcom 443MHz transceiver ( ) and hooked that up to a Raspberry Pi2 to control my Somfy-powered blinds and screen, and that is working like a charm.

Now if only we could use this transceiver with the ST hub… Any plans for supporting this very interesting device?

Or if all else fails, being able to send commands from the ST hub to the Domoticz server running on the RPi to control the blinds?

Revisiting this thread again…

Anyone manage to get the ZRTS to work with European Somfy blinds? My understanding is that there is no reason why this shouldn’t work if the ST hub by default uses North America Z-waves and the RTS protocol is the same for US and Europe.

Please let me know!

I have hooked up my RFXcom tranceiver to my RPi running Domoticz, and am controlling that through SmartThings. That at least works.

Please tell us how you did it! Lol! Code and all? I’m new to domoticz. …

Check out this topic:

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