Somfy Blinds Integration into SmartThings

I am stumped, forewarning, I am not very technically advanced. I have motorized blinds controlled by a Somfy ZRTSI module and the blinds stopped working in SmartThings. I did a hard reset and removed all devices associated with the blinds from ST (I did it through the proper exclusion process). Now, I connect the Base Node and a Controller is found in the App (Great…I Think). I have 8 blinds tied to the virtual nodes, and when I try to add them to ST through the device addition tool, the Somfy device says success but it does not show in ST…I have reset the module tried both apps with now success. how can I add the individual blinds back to ST so I can use them again. I am hopeful the solution will not be too technical (code, apps, etc.) thank you In advance for your help!!

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