Somfy Blinds and "My" Control in SmartThings

I’m thrilled to have my new Somfy (Springs Fashions) blinds operating well, and visible to SmartThings. I have them integrated via TaHoma Hub, and opening & closing perfectly in ST routines. I have the 5-channel remote control and have “MY” button bringing the shades to a desired spot. This works as it should, from the remote’s “MY” button as well as from the TaHoma App. The issue: SmartThings documentation says that the device control only offers UP & DOWN (which is correct as shown):

However I should be able to get the “MY” functionality from within Routines, by using PAUSE. While I do have the PAUSE showing, running this in a Routine should move the blinds to the preprogrammed “MY” spot, but it doesn’t work- it doesn’t move the blinds at all. Any ideas to fix?

I would contact Somfy. They own the integration with SmartThings.