Controlling Somfy blinds via SmartThings

Can I control my Somfy 433Mhz blinds using my SmartThings v2 hub?

I have a Somfy Connexoon hub to control them. I also have an RFXtrx433E USB controller.

I saw a GitHub project for the Somfy TaHoma hub and some other Somfy MyLink integration, but haven’t found any Connexoon or RFXtrx433E integrations.

Also interested in this…

If it’s using the standard Somfy RTS protocol over 433mhz (check with somfy on it) the ZRTSI would work. It would be limited to open/close and preset positions though.

Unfortunately I don’t believe that unit is made for the UK market.

The Tahoma is huge over kill.

At the moment i’m considering soldering to the remote and controlling with a dry relay. Would only have up and down then you as a third connection would be required for the middle button to stop at a set place.