Controlling Somfy blinds via SmartThings


(Johan Torp) #1

Can I control my Somfy 433Mhz blinds using my SmartThings v2 hub?

I have a Somfy Connexoon hub to control them. I also have an RFXtrx433E USB controller.

I saw a GitHub project for the Somfy TaHoma hub and some other Somfy MyLink integration, but haven’t found any Connexoon or RFXtrx433E integrations.

(Dan Shepherd) #2

Also interested in this…

(Neal ( / #3

If it’s using the standard Somfy RTS protocol over 433mhz (check with somfy on it) the ZRTSI would work. It would be limited to open/close and preset positions though.

(Dan Shepherd) #4

Unfortunately I don’t believe that unit is made for the UK market.

The Tahoma is huge over kill.

At the moment i’m considering soldering to the remote and controlling with a dry relay. Would only have up and down then you as a third connection would be required for the middle button to stop at a set place.