No Stop/Pause Button for Somfy Blinds

Hello, I am trying to control my Somfy blinds that are connected to my TaHoma beacon. When I go to set up a scene supposedly there should be a stop/pause option that pops up but I only see open and close button options. Here is a picture of what I am seeing. Any help would be great.

just curious to hear your use case.

From my experience, the Hub-to-device communication is quite slow so it could be up to 5 seconds before the command is executed.
this is the reason why there are no dim-on-hold, close-on-hold actions.

what you can try is to use direct binding. some Zigbee remotes (eg Ikea) send commands directly and it supports these actions.

I am controlling my Somfy motors which I am using for masking on a theater screen.
I was hoping to try and integrate SmartThings into my Harmony remote and at the same time try to add more that just three settings that the current Trelis remote allows.
In order for that I need a stop/pause button which is simply not showing up on the app.

it depends on the motor protocol.
if it supports remotes, you can just buy a remote and directly bind it to the motor;
if it supports partial opening - you can map your existing remote to presets

Unfortunately the Somfy motors I have only have three commands available. That is why I need the stop/pause button so I can try to program a sequence in my Harmony like full open, close for 2 seconds then stop so I can have more positions for the shades.
Plus I cannot just merge the Somfy Trelis remote to the Harmony without the SmartThings app.