Somfy Integ


Hello, I am new to STs, and am just getting my smart home set up. I just bought and set up Bali shades w/ a somfy motor, and I want to get that integrated into my STs. Reading through he support forums, I see some conflicting information; however, as best as I can tell, I DO NOT need the Bali zRTSII controller/bridge, as the new blinds comes w/ Z-wave already (My Bali remote has a z-wave logo on it), but I have not been able to find how to adopt the motorized shades into STs. I am OK with even using the default dimmer DH; Has anyone had luck w/ this and can point me in the right direction?

(Matthews Family) #2

Get the motor into an inclusion mode and then get SmartThings to pair it at that point. It will probably discover the device as a dimmer switch. You should be able to send the shade to whatever position you desire at that point. @ZebraBlinds probably has some better info though.