Sometimes you hope the documentation is correct

I just noticed the following interesting description of a ‘hub connected device’ in the docs …

  • Hub Connected Device - Devices that connect directly to a SmartThings Hub to communicate with the SmartThings Platform. This typically includes Zigbee, Z-Wave, LAN (via SmartThings Edge Drivers), and Bluetooth products.

Bluetooth? I guess it could just be a mistake or left over from more optimistic times. It would be nice though.

Do any of the appliance based ‘hubs’ have Bluetooth accessories I wouldn’t know about?

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Those I do know about. Another source of frustration. Is it such a big leap from mobile presence to full integration of what the app calls ‘Personal Devices’? Being able to exploit the connection status of a bluetooth device would be really useful.

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The Gen 3 ST hub has a bluetooth radio in it as far as I know. I believe it is currently turned off, but I think they can flip it on with a firmware update. That would allow them to support Thread which I think is the plan.

So does the Gen 2. The Gen 3 has a Thread radio.

This is where I was going though. Knowing the hubs have Bluetooth radios that have been sitting idle for years, it would be quite possible for Bluetooth hub connected devices to finally be a thing. However it could simply be a mistake.

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It’s fun to dream! At this point I would rather see time and effort put towards Thread support than Bluetooth.


I’ve seen Thread popping up here and there in an ST related context for a long time now so I don’t suppose they’ve been idle.

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